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We started a Blog!!

If I could add the screaming emoji to the title I would but even if that technology is possible it will have to be learned another day. Today I am just dipping my toe in. To be honest technology is not my strong suit; I know not the most logical conclusion for someone that owns a company that is about 75% tech based but I am learning. Thanks to hours of you tube and an amazing husband who handles the technology I am slowly branching out and learning. All that said I wanted to start a blog on our site that could recap all the awesome events we have the pleasure of being a part of. To start let me introduce myself....

I am Cacey Steinhauer the owner of Atlanta Photo Camper. For 12 years I was a licensed insurance agent in Georgia. After having our second child I felt more and more that I wanted to stay home and raise my babies while they were still babies. When we (I say we because this was a joint decision with my husband) made that jump I was so excited. A little nervous but excited about the adventure ahead. It only took 2 weeks staying home until my husband came to me with Atlanta Photo Camper. At first I was a little hesitant, I mean I had just gotten into a routine being a stay at home mom!! After I let the idea settle in I started brainstorming all sorts of ideas and I was totally sold. We picked the camper up in October 2017 and haven't looked back.

To say 2018 blew me away would be an understatement. I thought it would take a while to catch on but last year we had 52 events on the books and loved every single one of them! The people, the places and the crazy stories with technology and mishaps behind the scenes were amazing. Even the time we rolled back up to the storage facility after midnight and after (a few) attempts to get the camper in we were locking the garage and the key broke off in the lock!! Nothing a Walmart run can't solve right. I anticipate 2019 to hold a few stories like this but we will roll with it and our events turn out great!

Last year we only did one venue twice and that makes for a lot of unique places we visited. This is a family business and since I still don't drive the camper it truly is a family experience. Usually my husband drives and drops me off while him and the girls go explore. By the time they pick me up the kids are worn out from their adventure and sleeping! I love that we can make this part of the business and it may not always go as planned but it all turns out great!

So that is the short version of our story and our business. I am looking forward to posting highlights of our 2019 events along with behind the scenes adventures. We would love to be a part of your next event so if you haven't reached out to us yet- what are you waiting on!!

Happy Trails~

Cacey Steinhauer

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